Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yay! made it to the front page.

so excited to make a placement on etsy's front page! check it out - handpicked items, inspired by spring:

that's my little creation - the leaf pin at first spot, second row. the front page changes fast (for good reason - there are so many amazing things on etsy to see & lust after & buy) so i had to track it down on flickr. quite amazing how much of a boost you get in views from being on the front page. i hope someone out there liked my little guy - oscar the happy leaf - enough to adopt him! ;-)

thanks muchly!


cabin + cub said...

congrats! that is very exciting!

Milkybeer said...

How awesome is that?!?!?

bonnie said...

fantastic..well deserved@:)

Mom said...

Hooray and congratulations for making the front page...hope you get lots of new customers!


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