Monday, May 18, 2009

lovely mondays: for the gents

found on etsy: some cool, original loot for your favourite guy (or, you know, yourself if you are one!). clockwise, from top left:

the one-of-a-kind pirate book belt buckle from maxinedear features a section of the cover of an amazing old children's book . the buckle is pewter and the image is protected with a thick layer of resin. it will fit either a 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" belt. check out their hand-dyed & distressed belts too, while you're at it.

pilotdesign's mod honeycomb wall clock would look terrific in the office or just about anywhere. the honeycomb patterned lattice made of mdf measures 11" x 12.25" and the cut-outs cast cool shadows on the wall throughout the day. check out his other awesome designs, like the splat kendo bamboo clock.

man panties!!! need i say more? these were too fun to resist. orange crush man panties by the very cool ruffeoheartslilsnoty were made from scraps left over from of their clothing production combined with the elastic rescued from a defunct belt factory. check out this how-to video if case you're inclined to make your own (undies part at about 4 minutes in)...

this titanium and rosewood wedding ring by zoeanddoyle is something special, alright. it's hand made from a solid piece of rosewood, bonded together with satin finished titanium - a naturally hypo-allergenic metal that's , light, and very comfortable to wear. and, in case "wedding ring" might be the just words that send him running for the nearest bus, you can tell him it's a hip man ring, no strings attached... ;-)

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