Friday, May 29, 2009

weekend project: stencil something!

"it is a truth universally acknowledged" (le sigh) that it's much easier to post about projects you plan to do than to actually find the time to do them first, photograph the steps and results... most of the weekend projects i've posted here over the last few months are still firmly planted on my lengthy and varied to-do list, but with all the good intentions in the world they'll eventually get accomplished.

but this week's project was born out of a random trip to ikea earlier this week and so easy that i managed to accomplish it in no time at all. considering how sunny it's been the last few days, that sounds like the perfect amount of time to spend inside this weekend...

i picked up a magnetic bulletin board from ikea for $10 the other day. we needed something new to help us separate our "to-do's" - bills, grocery lists, expenses etc - from the random detritus on the fridge. the only place we have to hang something like this is the very narrow wall near the door, and this was just the right size at about 16" wide by 23" tall. i hestitated because it was so boring and plain - that is, until i realized that i could stencil something on it quickly to make it a little more interesting.

i chose a stencil from my ed roth stencil 101 book, used a little low-tack spray adhesive to hold it in place and then just sponged on some cheap-o amsterdam acrylic paint (in olive, if you're curious) using a stencil sponge brush. i initially did a pair of stags (you know - a couple of bucks - har har) but i didn't like it after i'd added the second, so i quickly wiped it off using water, soap and a little olive oil before it could dry. then, i used the scruffy side of a kitchen sponge to give the remaining stag a slightly more weathered look.

and voila! you could make this more original by cutting your own stencil, masking some cool lines or something or enlarging an existing stencil (my original plan, but desire for a rapid completion - aka laziness - won out). and all in all it cost next to nothing. i would give spray stenciling a thumbs up - it would be even faster! i'd have gone that route if jamie hadn't chucked all my montana gold spray paints after i'd left them on the deck in the winter...

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