Tuesday, June 16, 2009

random how awesome: mustasche glasses

am so drawn to this find that i spotted on the front page of etsy a moment ago: mustache glasses! glasses that make it look like you have a mustache while drinking your beer (or whatever). must have!!!

from the very talented bread and badger.


cabin + cub said...

those are pretty cute! i saw some with black mustaches in a store in vancouver, but i forget where... this will bug me until i can remember.

nicholecamarillo.com said...

LOL! I LOVE this, thank you for sharing.

Milkybeer said...

Ok...how awesome would it be to see a little kid drinking out of one of these glasses?!

Emily said...

haha those are great. Mustaches seem to be everywhere these days. Except for on mens' faces that is.


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