Thursday, August 13, 2009

dresses for wee girls

new dresses! i recently made these two sweet dresses for little girls that i know. it was a nice break from all the pants and shorts i've been making for cole.

the first was this quick and easy dress from lotta jansdotter's simple sewing for baby. a size wasn't given, but it looks like it'll fit approximately 12-18 months as a short baby dress (very short - maybe add pants!) and then i think it'll fit for a little while longer as a top. love the heather ross spooky octopii fabric from her mendocino collection.

and the second is the smocked sundress from weekend sewing by heather ross. i've always thought that smocking must be complicated and awkward - not so! it was the easiest thing ever. you simply buy elastic thread and use that in your bobbin. stitch straight lines across a rectangle of fabric and voila - smocking. it could not have been easier. this dress was given to a little girl of two, but because it's elasticized and has adjustable tie-straps i think it'll fit for ages - maybe even as a skirt!

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Smocked Dress said...

Yes, that's one of the outstanding benefits of smocked clothing...they fit much longer than other clothing and they are more comfortable. I love the way the top edge of the dress becomes like a ruffle because of the smocking underneath.

This is really cute!!



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