Monday, August 10, 2009

lovely mondays: for all your chalkboard needs

they're black, so they go with everything! chalkboards and chalkboard-inspired art from etsy, clockwise, from top left:

chalkboard alphabet limited edition print from the small object. and check out maker sarah neuburger's the small object site for more small, adorable and all 'round loveliness!

embroidery hoop chalkboard - cameo boy edition from the local bliss in a teacup. love! a 10" embroidery hoop with lovely cameo outline on chalkboard, it can be used as art or as a chalkboard too - it comes with chalk and a little wipe to clean up your dusty scribblings. check out the vancouver-based duo's delightful blog for more.

whale chalkboard from perennial favourite suddenly it's real!. for more on the duo behind the shop, check out their site or their etsy featured seller interview from a little ways back.

victorian-style vinyl wall decal from spell it out designs. this adhesive vinyl wall decal can take your messages and doodles in chalk and then poof - remove it from your wall when you're moving along.

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