Tuesday, September 8, 2009

shop update: the modern caveman pillow club

so, a while back i was able to locate a wholesale supplier of the fantastic woodgrain fabric that i use to make my gnomes. i bought a huge bolt of the stuff and it's lovely woodgrainey-ness has been keeping me up at nights with new ideas. i couldn't resist creating this:

the modern caveman pillow club. styled after the club prominent in the type of neanderthal life made popular in comic strips, it's soft and squishy and silly. i love it!

it measures about 24" long x 5" wide and 5" deep, and such fun. interested in beating those around you but not going to jail (probably, no guarantees implied)? need a good conversation piece for the sofa? sore neck? - it makes a remarkably comfy neck pillow. need a good non-violent halloween costume accessory? check it out in my etsy shop for more info.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Love this pillow! So comfy and plus you can ward off the saber-tooth tigers!


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