Monday, September 28, 2009

yay portobello!

i was so happy with how yesterday's portobello west market went. it was my first time on the other side of the table, and truthfully i was a little nervous for the few days beforehand. i am such a fan of so many folks i've seen exhibiting there, and more than a little in awe of their talent and creativity. but i was feeling good once we started to get the table set up. my trusty and crafty friend kim of milkybeer was there to help all day and i am so grateful for both the moral support and help - and bathroom breaks! ;-) it's so wonderful to me to meet people face-to-face and see their reactions to my smiley creatures and creations.

for this event i brought my always-popular gnomes and bunnies (and this time a version stuffed with organic cotton fill), my felt pins and vintage button barrettes too. and i had some new lovely stuff - coin purses, modern caveman pillow clubs (which drew many laughs) tartlet pincushions that seemed popular (and suprisingly so with the kids!), and also tooth fairy pillow kits!

my tooth fairy kits (in the etsy shop later this week) are one of my very favourites. they're made of unbleached organic flannel and stuffed with organic cotton, both industrial leftovers from a local supplier who makes fabulous organic bedding. shaped like a tooth, and with a lovely pocket on the back made of japanese linen/cotton prints - perfect for stashing lost baby teeth in preparation for visits from the tooth fairy! and to keep those little teeth all organized, each pillow comes with 20 tiny envelopes stamped and ready to inscribe with name and date for posterity. so many folks, i mean the tooth fairy, keep baby teeth, but nobody really seems to know what on earth to do with them!

i'll be at the market again on october 25th, and also for the christmas show on december 12 & 13. there are so many lovely, lovely vendors and so much to tempt. i had to restrain myself from shopping while there! instead i've started dropping not-so-subtle hints to jamie about christmas stocking shopping.

please do come see me at one of the next markets! and for anyone looking for something specific that isn't in my etsy shop yet, please just drop me an email.


Katie said...

What a fun table! It looks great. I wish we had craft markets like this in Northern CO. Hope everything went great.

Lindsay said...

Wow - congrats! I love the tooth fairy pillows, especially with the detail of the pocket and envelopes! Sometimes I can barely make lunch and look what you do!


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