Saturday, October 3, 2009

weekend project: a wee bunny

recently, while catching up with the lovely crafty blog so happy, i was drawn to an adorable baby bunny made from a free wee wonderfuls pattern. it looked like such a sweet little creature, perfect the nursery - handy since we're in the midst of another family & friends baby boom! of course, once i downloaded the pattern, i had to make one right away:

this one is made from japanese linen/cotton on the back and a panel of the softest unbleached organic flannel on the tummy. the nose and mouth were embroidered freehand and the eyes are painted on using non-toxic fabric paint. it's stuffed with organic cotton filling. oh, and i added a little touch of blush to the cheeks for fun.

it was a quick project - just an hour or so - just the thing if you need a last-minute but perfectly thoughtful baby gift.


Stephanie said...

Aww, that's absolutely adorable!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

Looks like this same pattern would be great for a set of penguins - or happy bowling pins as well!

Katie said...

This is my favorite baby gift to give :). I've made quite a few. Yours turned out so sweet. It's fun seeing how one pattern takes on the style of each sewer. Excited to have helped you discover this great little pattern. Hilary Lang does beautiful work! Have a great day!


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