Tuesday, December 15, 2009

for my imaginary office

the holiday portobello west market was a success! traffic was a little on the slow side on saturday, but still ok and sunday was much better. thankfully the beautiful and seasonally appropriate snow stopped in the morning - i was worried that if it kept up then people might not be able to come! as a native ontarian, i can't manage a straight face if i call a snow-day for anything under 30 cm of snow (or at least 1 cm of solid ice), but you've gotta roll like a local... in the past i've stayed home from work for just a skiff and now i wear gum boots and carry an umbrella in the snow.

thank you to all who stopped by to see my table! it absolutely makes my day seeing how people react to my little army of stuffed creatures.

i was able to check a few items off my xmas list too - good news, since i was so busy with prep that i hadn't started! of course i can't share, since i don't want anyone to get the inside scoop on their gifts!

but i did fall in total love with one thing for myself. i promised that i would be good, but i couldn't resist the amazing mobiles from lovably. i kept going back to look at the most beautiful laser-cut neon pink translucent acrylic and birch bird mobile. cole is too big for a mobile now, at least in the traditional sense, and our ceilings are concrete so not the best for hanging things. but i really needed one for my office. future office, make it. right now my office is a desk in the middle of our open living space (pros - i can see the tv and it's close to the tea kettle) but i have visions of a space with a waist-high cutting table, a l-shaped computer/sewing space, a little table & chair for cole, exciting light fixtures and the kind of elaborately organized closet usually reserved for shoes in homes of the very wealthy. it is in this space i hope to hang this beautiful mobile.

it's called 'birds fly by'. mine has four pink birds and one birch, and the fancy top part is pink too. i can feel the relaxing, creative environment already. and if there's space beside my bay window with leaded glass panes i might put a big cozy chair. and a tea kettle. ;-)


Katie said...

Your dream space is my dream space :). Maybe someday, wouldn't that be lovely. My current sewing nook is a corner of our unfinished basement. Though I did just spruce it up with peg board and a few shelves. And it sits in the kids "play room". So for now it's quite a nice spot for me :).

Love the mobile, fun and beautiful.

miranda said...

;-) katie - someday, someday! i love the idea of your pegboard and some shelves! our condo feels tiny - it is 800 sf and half filled with toys. ;-)

cheesefairy said...

That mobile takes my breath away. I have many such items for my future space, including a sweet piece of stained glass that's waiting for just the right window.


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