Monday, December 21, 2009

giving the tree the trim

we have just a small tabletop tree - one that's about 3 feet tall and not very realistic at all. we don't have room for a bigger tree (not without moving a chair into the hallway!) but i like it small anyway. one of the best things about a small tree is how easy it is to decorate! a small handful of decorations are enough, along with two strands of tangled lights.

i dug out some silver ornaments from last year - little balls and three sparkly glass owls that were hidden in a box marked "breakable hooters". and this year we changed things up a bit and added some new ornaments. there are some white and red acrylic squirrels and birch birds from lovably and some handmade felt smiling creatures that i whipped up.

i made these for my table at portobello west and thankfully had some extra leftover since i didn't make any specifically for us! these are my favourites of the collection - mitten, snowman, gingerbread house, matroyshka and polar bear. they're lovely soft wool felt, with embroidered faces and stuffed with a little organic cotton filling.

i love the tree this year - it makes me smile. happy holidays all - hope they're filled with good cheer and love.


Bonnie said...

those are so the embroidery touches.

Milkybeer said...

breakable hooters! Ha! Still cracks me up!


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