Sunday, January 17, 2010


found the cutest shop on etsy this weekend, and had to mention it. beethings is full of adorable bird prints and other lovely treasures. this print of bluejays caught my attention.

jamie and i quibble fondly about what constitutes the "true" blue jay. being from ontario, home of actual blue jays (in my opinon) with pointy blue heads and very blue bodies and a team named after them and of course i learned the words to "ok blue jays" in elementary school gym class, i tend to think that the real blue jay is the one i've always known. jamie makes the case that the bc jay is the stellar jay, therefore superior because it's name idicates an above-average level of jay-ness. i still disagree - it's just not blue enough. so i couldn't help buying the print. nobody uses stellar jays when the want to show a blue jay. ;-)

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Milkybeer said...

Such a gorgeous, clean and simple print. It is so adorable too!

I'm also loving your crafty to-do list had the same idea a few months ago but haven't gotten around to itemizing my list yet.


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