Friday, March 5, 2010

for those black tie playdates

couldn't resist whipping up a wee tuxedo t-shirt using this awesome pdf template from how about orange. i just happened to buy iron-on transfer paper the other day for another project so all i had to do was find a plain white toddler t-shirt... seriously, apparently it's nigh on impossible to find a shirt without logos, emblems, pockets and other frippery. i actually found this one at old navy. it had a pocket but i plucked it off my trusty clover seam ripper. even better - nothing says elegant like a faux lapels and the pin prick outline of a ghost pocket!

fyi - to fit a small person (this one is almost 2!) i just used the 1 page template and it was perfect.


Milkybeer said...

For me, it's his pose that cracks me up. He looks like a wild and crazy guy! (Steve Martin reference if you missed it).

Bonnie said...

reminds us of a young elvis@:) pretty cute that's for sure!

Katie said...

I downloaded this same thing with plans to do the same! :) Turned out so cute. It is really hard to find plain white tees, though Hanes undershirts usually are pocket free and would work.

jessica said...

What a great dress up shirt! And I have to agree with Milkybeer; he does look like a wild and crazy guy!

ritasmeeta said... TOO CUTE!!! What personality! ;)


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