Wednesday, May 12, 2010

yard sale season

it's been an awfully long time since i went yard sale-ing (a made-up word that looks wrong no matter how you spell it!). this past sunday i took advantage of the local queen's park annual community yard sale and made up for lost time. armed with a few tote bags and a jingling purse full of change, i started out bright and early. six blocks up and six blocks across, lovely tree-lined streets of heritage homes - promising!

i had been hoping for some vintage finds and lucked out with a tin recipe box, an kitchy lamb planter, a swell french canning jar - the kind with the glass lid & wire clamp, a hanging mail sorter and a highball glass to add to my collection of one-off retro bar ware. i also found some great 60's-ish french designer men's ties for free! jamie said he'd wear a couple of them, and i might use some of them for fabric if i can bring myself to cut up a vintage dior tie! i haven't taken any photos of this stuff but i should - it looks so lovely and oddly all together. and the best part was coming home and waving things in front of jamie and saying "twenty five cents - can you believe it?" like a maniac. ;-)

many other finds went to mr. cole - he ended up with three pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes, more lego, a puzzle, a keyboard, a book, a music box and i'm sure some other things that i can't remember. including his stuff, my stuff, a box of girl guide cookies and the greasiest bag of popcorn ever, we came away with quite a haul for about $20.

i didn't buy any barbies, but i couldn't resist taking a few photos of them in their neglected state, naked and smiling, crammed into cardboard box. there's a commentary there, i just know it...

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bonnie said...

sounds like a great time...those poor neglected;0


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