Sunday, June 12, 2011

loving: yarnbombed trees in seattle

seattle is a city that i haven't explored enough, which is a shame considering how close to home it is and how much i really like the atmosphere! i took an impromptu overnight trip to seattle yesterday and dropped by some new and old favourite places - the library, the kubota japanese garden, thai tom for lunch - and i couldn't resist these beautifully yarn-bombed trees downtown.

i am feeling inspired and think i just might have to hop on the yarn bombing train a bit on the late side! and at a basic level, this is totally within my scarf-knitting capabilities.


Allie said...

i've just been inspired to pick up knitting again too... it's been ages since i've done it. looks like a fun project!

Katie said...

That is so fun! Looks so pretty and vibrant.

Mom said...

What a great way to combine & use up colourful combinations of yarn from past projects!


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