Monday, July 25, 2011

showing: little mountain craft

i took part in a swell show on saturday this past weekend - little mountain craft, at the studio on 26th off main. as luck would have it, the sun was shining - a rare event this summer in vancouver, it seems - so the assortment of cool folks selling handmade and vintage goods set up along the sidewalk. lots ice cream was consumed, a free terrarium-making workshop ensured everyone had a little greenery in their homes, and i brought out a few new items - 1" pinback buttons handmade from vintage encyclopaedias (more on that soon!).

it's a recurring show - drop on by the next one on saturday, august 20th. 11-5 at little mountain studios, 195 east 26th right off main street.


Katie said...

Hey there! You're booths always look so great. I was actually playing with the idea of participating in a craft fair this holiday season. Do you have any advice? Have you found it worth while for you? I'd love any opinions or tips you have on the subject. Thanks a lot!

Katie said...

On more question: Would it be worth it (craft fair booth) as a one time thing, or be best if you're trying to promote a small business that you either already have or are trying to start?

Kim C. said...

Booth is looking great! I still love the chalkboard tabletop idea!!! Do tell us more about the new pins, please.


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