Tuesday, January 10, 2012

finally, a terrarium

i finally made a terrarium to call my very own! walking on main street last week i found a weed-whacked bunch of living moss. i'm not sure why it was lying on the sidewalk, but i couldn't just leave it there, orphaned and alone. so i rescued as much as i could carry and toted it home. 

searching for the perfect vessel, i noticed a vintage le parfait french mason jar, found last year on a thrifting expedition through the yard sales of new westminster. it was perfect! the addition of a teensy bit of soil and a tiny little fern is perfectly simple. i have a few spray-painted golden rocls to add to the mix, but they're drying and i'm impatient. ;) 

1 comment:

ricebabies said...

That's so pretty. I asked a woman on Granville Island in the market how to start one. She said find moss or make some with buttermilk!!!

Still haven't gotten around to it but yours is lovely.


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