Thursday, April 2, 2009

next show: yaletown baby & toddler fair

i have officially become craft-show crazy! there's something about a deadline and the prospect of setting all of my stuff on a table in front of, you know, live people, that really helps me to focus on creating.

at the etsy spring fling a couple of weeks ago i was invited to participate in the yaletown baby + toddler fair, coming up this weekend. yup, only two weeks between invite and show, but in a fit of "i can do that!" i said yes. then i confirmed. then i backed out because i didn't think there was any way t get the fabric i needed to restock my lovely gnomes in time. then i got an unexpected package in the mailbox of the exact fabric i needed (and apparently forgot that i had ordered!) and said i could do it after all. since then i've been sewing like mad, rethinking my table display and trying to figure out how to get rid of this budding hand cramp. i blame hand-sewing!

anyway, i think the event will be a good fit. although i don't do strictly baby & kids stuff, i find a lot of inspiration for handmade items when creating things for cole and that does skew my creative sense towards the wee folks. come on by and check it out:

saturday, april 4
10 am - 4 pm
roundhouse community centre
davie @ pacific, vancouver
$6 entrance
loads of demos, a fashion show, a craft section, suppliers big & little...

of course, since the event is baby-centric, i'll be bringing ample stacks of bibs, bibbler drooling kerchiefs and light cotton patchwork toddler scarves for springtime too. my little creations for the wee folks who are messy, moist and perhaps a little chilly.

and i'll have loads of softies - gnomes and bunnies (more on these little dudes later as their litter is still multiplying as we speak), beanbags for play, various favourites like felt + vintage button barrettes, cork mousepads and pincushions.

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Jamie said...

Good luck at your craft show! You've worked so very hard to get everything done in such a short space of time - I'm very proud of you!


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