Saturday, April 4, 2009

baby-palooza: the yaletown baby + toddler fair

the yaletown baby + toddler fair today was a great experience. i didn't know what to expect - it was the first time for the event and it was unlike anything i'd been to before. aimed at moms and moms-to-be (i should say parents and parents-to-be, but honestly, mostly moms), it was a full-on baby-palooza! babies, babies, babies! so many cute wee folk in one room.

and it was strange (in the best sense!) to see the moms-to-be walking the room with their lovely round bellies. pregnant ladies always seem so much more glowy when you're looking at them, compared to being one! ;-) it seems like both a hundred years ago and yet just the other day that i was expecting cole and wondering why on earth i supposedly 'needed' so many little scraps of fabric that were all intended for apparently vastly different uses. oh, this was back when i contemplated ironing cole's freshly laundered onesies and pj's as i tucked them in his dresser. ha!

the event was a terrific opportunity to meet other crafty folk and lovers of all things handmade. i absolutely loved the dresses from dolly n' boo - so adorable! they were so beautifully displayed and definitely got me to contemplating how i could fit a dress on cole as some kind of unisex tunic. ;-) i think i'd better stick to gifting to the little girls that i know... also loved the plush blankets from superfly lullabies - their cozy minky-backed blankets are terrific. the bras from honeymilk designs were so fantastic that i didn't even realize at first they were nursing bras! now that is a feat of herculean proportions (and, le sigh, they came in my size!).

and of course there was my little table!

i still feel most in my element in craft events geared more towards an etsy-loving crowd, but this was a great experience. many thanks to carrie for the massive amount of work she put into this event.


Lindsay said...

Looks awesome - and love the bunnies in buckets! You are so talented, good for you to be an mom-trepreneur!

urban craft said...

everything is so cute, your blog is a great read!


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