Thursday, April 16, 2009

the cutest tape ever

oh, for the love of craft supplies... we have pitifully little storage space in our apartment and i'm constantly torn between buying supplies that i love and then realizing that i'm hording. and i hate clutter. when it comes to cute stuff the choice is much more difficult than when it's boring old junk. for example, i decided recently that we had too many comforters and left the spares out back for neighbourhood folks who needed them. i think we were saving them in case we had sleep-over company? but of course, who's going to want to sleep over on our couch and be woken by a baby eleventy times a night?

but what to get rid of to make room for fancy tape?! until this very moment i don't think i've ever coveted tape or even really thought about it unless we'd run out in the middle of present-wrapping. but now? wowie - happy tape! adorable japanese washi paper masking tape. good for - whatever. anything you'd use boring old plain tape for, i suppose.

my fave has to be the teal grid set. i'm thisclose to ordering. i would use it for gift wrapping, i think. with plain brown paper, stamped with adorable little kawaii characters. i carve my own stamps from lino, and now, typing this, i realize i must have this tape to complete the wrapping on presents i have yet to buy! :-)

1 comment:

bonnie said...

yes, you definitely need this tape...your gift wrapping is already great and this will add that special touch!


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