Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new pins in the shop!

finally, i've had a chance to start a major etsy shop update. so far i've put up some new bunnies, my last matroyshka plushie (must make more for got craft? in june!), a fantastically weird gnome tea cozy and some of my smiling felted pins. three of my favourites:

percy - the lovable smiling toast

poppy - the charming pear

gary, the cheery raindrop

they all have silly little personalities and i love them to bits. and also new and fun: wendell, the jolly pickle and oscar, the happy leaf.


bonnie said...

these pins are delightful. i love the little bio that goes with one. i think i need oscar, the happy leaf and poppy, the charming pear@:)

Dorothy said...

love the pins!! do you think you can turn them into keychains or cellphone decorations?

randi said...

that's a great idea dorothy! i have high hopes of doing some keychains - i bought the rings a while back and now must.find.some.time! ;-)


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