Monday, April 27, 2009

lovely mondays: environmentally-friendly grocery totes

we have lots of environmentally-friendly tote bags around here, but of course they're nowhere near as cool as the ones i can find on etsy... several of reusable bags remain permanently doomed to life at the bottom of the heap since they're emblazoned with the logo of our favourite brand of recycled toilet paper (they were included for free!) and jamie thinks they're too embarrassing to carry. maybe i should spring for some new cool bags, just for his majesty? here are four of my favourites, all at prices that will leave you plenty of money for, you know, food:

awesome graphics and a great price - choose any three of these bags from happyfamily for only $25! hand printed on 100% cotton canvas.

the golden girls tote from earth cadets. each bag is made from 80% ecotec™ - a cotton product made from excess fabric leftover from the manufacture of clothing - and 20% bottle bag fabric, made from recycled soda bottles. and sparkly gold graphics - i love sparkly gold anything!

how awesome an idea is this t-shirt tote from philosofickle?! made from an upcycled t-shirt with reinforced handles and the unbeatable price of $6. and even more awesome - $1 of each sale goes to charity!

love the owl-yness and the generous standing size of this vintage owl classic tote from thecraftpantry. there were so many cool graphics to choose from in her shop, but i kinda thought this owl had a unibrow, which was endearing. ;-)

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cabin + cub said...

love the totes! half of mine are the ones from the grocery stores though, and yes the odd toilet paper one as well!


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