Monday, April 27, 2009

look ma - accessories and felted creatures!
found at portobello west

had a great trip to portobello west yesterday for a look at the handmade treats from uber-talented locals. it's close-by, at rocky mountaineer station, and brimming over with must-have items. and, although i was trying to be good, i just couldn't help decking myself out in new accessories!

couldn't resist an amazing lavender cuff from brendalyn of bpa metalcraft. made of brass with a bold, powder-coated finish, the pieces are so modern, with a sculptural, industrial quality, and really i think it will go with everything. i'm glad i finally got to buy one - i'd coveted a piece the last time i visited the market!

also couldn't resist wrapping up in a heather gray bird & floral scarf from the crazy-talented ladies of floating gold iceberg, based in victoria. their creations are sold locally in a few places, like dream apparel in gastown. check out their view book - so many amazing pieces.

i'm kicking myself now for not getting jamie one of these rad belt buckles made from recycled skateboard decks by adea chung of billy would. so cool. i'm going to have to track one down for sure for jamie, and i might even have to start wearing belts!

i've fallen in love with the awesome handmade needle felted creations from himcreations. their creator, shima itabashi, is so perfectly charming and her little army of felted creatures are very enjoyable. they just have so much personality! i know several little and not-so-little folks who they'd be perfect for.

there's so much talent under one roof at portobello west - kind of intimidating as well as massively inspiring! i've booked tables for the fall & christmas events and am really excited... thank goodness that i have the summer to get ready.


floating gold iceberg said...

Yay!! Thanks for the shout out!
See you at the next Portobello Market!

cabin + cub said...

I love Portobello! So many goodies there!


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