Saturday, April 11, 2009

weekend project: chalkboard wall

what is the weekly weekend project? quite simply, it's a great recycled idea for a crafty diy project that (in my slackerish estimation) could easily be completed with a lazy weekend's worth of effort and a minimum of fuss.

for the first installment i thought this rad chalkboard wall was just perfect. at only about $40 and using mostly items you have around the house (a wall!), it seems like it's definitely doable. the end result would be just as enjoyable for adults as it would be for kids, i think. head on over to ohdeeoh for the easy instructions.

i want to do this so much but, as we rent, i figured it's better kept on my mental wish list for now. not that it doesn't sound like fun to paint over chalkboard paint before we move along! we do have a blank masonite board taped over the fireplace to serve as a baby deterrent that i think would make an excellent mini chalkboard wall. off to buy chalkboard paint as soon as this heinous cold passes. fyi - locals, you can find chalkboard paint locally at opus.

1 comment:

Milkybeer said...

Hmmm...saw on a recent episode of "Sarah's House" that there is now such a thing as chalkboard paint in "pretty colours". Must investigate further before settling for black. Love this idea.


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