Tuesday, April 7, 2009


if you're in the vancouver area and in need of some vintage buttons, have i got the store for you.

button button just reopened! their new gastown location is a cute little place, tucked up on the second floor of a heritage building at 318 homer street.

first of all, i could barely get over my excitement when i first stepped in the door; they have pound bags of fun buttons for $4! and there's every kind of vintage button you could ask for - wood, glass, abelone, plastic and bakelite, rhinestone and more - displayed in adorable yellow drawers, shelves and tables. they even have organized-by-colour drawers of orphan buttons for just ten cents each. where on earth can you get anything for ten cents nowadays?

i don't collect buttons - i buy them to use in projects like coffee cozies, barrettes and plushies, but i can definitely see how one can get started down the road to amassing a huge collection...


bonnie said...

love that store front...whoever thought you could have a store dedicated to buttons.I used to save buttons when I taught Kindergarten but gave them all away...who knew@;)

love the way you use buttons, so crafty!

Milkybeer said...

I so need to go there.

Akane Designs said...

wow...I remember the original location... I'll have to check out the new location this weekend. The buys look too good to be true!


cabin + cub said...

i didn't know they moved!
love your plushies!... so cute!


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