Sunday, May 3, 2009

weekend project: ironing board cover

i use our ironing board a lot, particularly when you consider that i almost never iron clothes. it's pretty much the second most important part of any sewing project - just barely after the sewing machine itself!

we had to buy a new ironing board recently. for about seven years we'd been using one that we found in the closet of an old apartment. it was shabby and creaky, i think it was homemade to some extent, smaller than a standard ironing board and it threatened collapse nearly all the time. eventually, the top wore out altogether, so i went out to buy a new one.

the new one is fine - funtional but nothing to write home about, assuming that you would write home to discuss mundane household objects. but having a snazzy cover for the top would certainly perk it up quite a bit! this ironing board cover tutorial from the workroom/make something is just the thing:

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