Wednesday, April 29, 2009

travel essentials: passport wallet & coin purse

we're planning a little trip to the uk - coming up, thankfully, very soon. over the weekend i was looking at my new echino fabrics and had a sudden inspiration.

why not make a passport wallet? i always find, while traveling, that i'm constantly wondering where my passport is. of course, now i have to carry cole's too and i figured it was high time to do something about it. i'd been given a functional yet truly hideous case for free from the photographer when got a new passport photo taken recently, so i had a good template to start with. ta-da!

it was surprisingly uncomplicated. two horizontal pockets on top of two vertical pockets inside. fully lined with a double-layer of flannel as batting so it feels sturdy yet soft. and i love the fabrics, of course. finishing the inside edges was actually really quick - i've only recently started using bias tape and i love it. it's kind of a pain to make, but i got this lovely blue linen bias tape from namolio on etsy.

i definitely think this is something i can keep track of in my purse! there's even a little loop on the top, should i feel the need to securely attach it to something else, though heaven help me if i ever wear it around my neck.

and while i was at it, i realized that i should really have a new coin purse too. the one i've been using forever was actually a little zippered wallet that came with some jasmine pearl tea. i found the perfect pattern in aranzi aronzo's cute stuff.

and of course i had to fill it with change for the photo... we have an old piggy bank from daiso that has a ton of pennies and other non-functional change, including some that's no longer actually even legal tender - hello, deutschmark, french & swiss franc coins. and some pfennigs - i haven't even been back in time to visit east germany, so i must have had those slipped into my regular change sometime. now i know what an american must feel like when they discover an out-of-place canadian quarter in their pocket. ;-) amongst all the other stuff, i did manage to find £2.95 to give the coin purse a nice little jingle.

will be making these to add to my table and etsy shop. they were just too fun to make!


handheaded said...

i stopped on your sight expecting differently somehow i imagined
feminine energy to be more masculine more direct
i'm convinced that if we're going to change the planet
men have to learn how to feed selfishly without raping
the natural world, impossible you say, you don't know my mother
moms i believe are the key for men to crack the code
you girls should starta party marching army, make all men
slaves to mother earth and to the idea of life
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i'm glad for the recession, time for study, reflection, communion
any way you made me think, i'm glad the smart chicks are on the
our side. peace, andrew

Anonymous said...

Are you at all able to give dimensions for your passport booklet pattern? I would love to make one of my own!



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