Monday, June 15, 2009

got craft? AND sunshine? lovely...

yesterday i set up the hudsonny table of smiling creatures for got craft? and had a grand time. we started out inside at little mountain studios - an independent art space just off main street at east 26th. loved the indoor work - very cool.

it was car free day in vancouver, so main street from king ed down was closed to vehicular traffic and it was such good weather that we all moved outside to get a bit more exposure (to that glowing ball of gas known as the sun and of course to craft-seeking visitors!).

this is only a few of the tables shown - mine is in the middle and we were mid-set-up when i took this... of course as usual i forgot/neglected/was too shy to take any/good photos of everyone's table but suffice it to say some of vancouver's most talented crafty folk were there to represent, including roxypop with their whimsical knit and sewn creations and the much-coveted apple cozies, lovebobbie with terrific accessories and my lolo with an amazing display of one-of-a-kind stamped and hand sewn earrings made of recycled leather pieces. and check out this week's lovely monday collection of four finds for more got craft? love.

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