Sunday, June 7, 2009

judging a book by it's cover

sometimes exploring a random subject and it's related links and trails online is much like playing an old-school game of 'telephone'. you start off with one thing and end up with something much different. hopefully you're less likely to be left with a message like "jennifer loves smelling butt" or the other bathroom-related mistranslations that result from a circle of tween girls in girl guide uniforms around an artifical campfire in a church basement. ;-)

yesterday i heard an interview on npr with alissa hamilton, author of squeezed: what you don't know about oj. it was a really intriguing - and disturbing - view into the world of commercial orange juice production. print interview here... that led to me mentioning it on twitter (hey - follow me!) and then a friend recommending i check out banana: the fate of the fruit that changed the world. just to make sure i can't eat anything for breakfast. ;-) and that, in turn, led to me following a link to that author's other book to see every bird on earth: a father, a son, and a lifelong obsession.

long and the short of it - what a lovely cover design, by mike langman. and the story sounds intriguing:

'birding has become one of the most popular outdoor pursuits. what do you get when you combine birding with competition, obsession, and the sheer love of counting? you get a big lister, a person who aspires to see every bird species on earth. the author's father is among the 12 or so birders to have seen 7,000 birds or more, and this is his story." (booklist)

i do tend to be inclined toward a book based on the cover. i am often more likely to buy a beautiful book that i otherwise would enjoy and return to the library if it's cover was less pleasing... that might sound kind of silly, but really, we have very little shelf space.

so there. i've done my duty for the day and warned you about oj, bananas and given you a book to think about. back to either editing photos from our trip to the uk or making felt pins for the upcoming got craft? show next sunday.

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