Monday, June 1, 2009

just ordered: black apple notebook trio

oh happy day! was able to nab a lovely new item from etsy's theblackapple. this sweet notebook trio is made of recycled materials (chipboard cover, creamy innards - one each gridded, blank and lined) and soy inks. they were printed in a run of 300, so make sure to get yours quickly.

i bought them to add to a present for my favourite (only, but still she'd be my favourite if i had ten) niece robyn, who will be turning 12 in july. i'm going to have to hide them on myself for the next month! i'm particularly in love with the one at the left, featuring a narwal. i think she'll like them...

the black apple's emily martin is one of etsy's great success stories. immensely creative and adorably quirky, she's known for her lovely artwork and sweet dolls (make your own using this martha tutorial) and has quite the following. read her story in this interview for etsy's the storque.

1 comment:

cabin + cub said...

oooh those are so cute! i love the narwhal.. so funny!


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