Friday, July 17, 2009

brand new sketchbook

there is nothing - nothing - quiet like the inspiring blankness of a new sketchbook. every time i start a new sketch or notebook it's such a promising feeling - all the potential and the creativity yet to be explored. and all the new lists that will get accomplished, all while writing with lovely, even penmanship... i keep stacks of old ones and love looking back and re experiencing that "aha" moment with fresh eyes.

love these sweet little brand new sketchbooks from the talented folks over at brand new, one of my favourite blogs dedicated to a discussion of rebranding and identity work, and a member of the under consideration network.

at just five bucks a pop they're too good to pass up... the pages are edged with thoughts on logo design from brand new's friendly readers. saw a tweet today saying they only have 100 left!

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