Thursday, July 16, 2009

how to: knit a cute baby hat

spotted this awesomely adorable little baby hat over in the etsy how-tuesday archive - how to make a stella pixie hat. seriously, how cute is that hat? the pattern is from kristen rengren, author of vintage baby knits.

i'm a very beginner-level knitter, despite having learned to knit about four years ago. i have no problem with the basic stitches, making ribs, even knitting in the round, but i have such trouble if the pattern involves anything more than the same repeated rows. i just can't seem to get past the scarf stage! while pregnant with cole i did manage to make a couple of super-simple knit hats and must make some more before fall since his head's grown quite a bit to accommodate all his new little smarts... this hat looks a little more complicated that the ones i've made, but it is just so cute i don't think i can resist trying...

then again, i thought it might actually be something i could reproduce by cutting up an old sweater... i think that would work? must try - if i do will post results. considering it's july and wooly hat season is at least as far off as the list of things i have to do now is long, i'll probably not tackle either for a bit. ;-)

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