Sunday, July 19, 2009

charley harper needlepoint canvases

wow - purl soho just landed a stash of these awesome charley harper needlepoint canvases. love them! lots of info in their latest blog post on the subject.

the biggest canvases - like the lovely mystery of the missing migrants, above - are seriously pricey, and that's before buying the needlepoint yarn, but they really do look like a fun project for a rainy fall day.

yes, i said it - a rainy fall day. i know it's july (i say that a lot, as it turns out) and i'm enjoying the summer as much as the next person whose favourite season is fall. and it's not yet mid-august, which is the time when i really start making my autumn-related yearnings heard around our house - oh sweaters - oh apples - oh crispy sunny days. but still, there's something about a needlepoint project that makes me think of curling up in a window seat (must get one of those) with tea and a little mist outside and just focusing on a lovely hand-held project.

ok, back to prepping our bbq for tonight and picking mint for mojitos. it is, after all, a lovely summer day.


cabin + cub said...

oh, i love needlepoint, it is so much fun... but yes, i think better for those colder rainier days. hard to stay inside on a nice day.

Briana said...

Beautiful needlepoint! I am decidedly un-crafty but I love seeing what other people make.


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