Monday, August 3, 2009

shopping while sitting

i really like online shopping. i don't buy much - the desire to reduce consumption combined with my general lack of funds (working from home while taking care of a baby - it's fun! it's not that well-paying!) means that i browse more often than i buy. but i do so enjoy filling up a shopping cart full of fabrics at purl soho or superbuzzy or picking sale t-shirts over at threadless. the added benefit to online shopping is, of course, that you need not be distracted by silly things like oh, a baby who seriously does not want to watch you try on jeans or contemplate zippers at dressew.

speaking of threadless, they're having a sale. it seems like they're always having a sale, but i can't resist. i actually have scored some great deals in the past - especially on kids t-shirts. their lowest priced ones used to be just $5 but they've gone up to $8. outrage, i say! still, there are a lot of cute ones. i haven't had a lot of luck finding the "perfect fit" with online t-shirts for myself (unless you count the oversized lay-about kind) so instead my ogling tends to benefit jamie and cole.

i like this simple one for jamie, mainly because i remember the elementary school teacher that first taught me to write a haiku and the way she insisted we only write about things like cherry blossoms and streams. i still managed to love the form, but it would have been such fun to learn with more humour.

and this one for cole because hey, animals and eye patches? how can you go wrong??

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cabin + cub said...

Those are both really cute... I can always spend way too much time on Threadless... so dangerous. And now that you say "sale".. even more dangerous... ohh the temptation! ;)


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