Saturday, July 4, 2009

weekend project: tea in a jar

ok, my weekend projects have gotten really, really easy lately. can you tell it's summer and it's hot and my time sitting at the computer is spread too thinly? well, worry not - i will pick up my s#%t soon but in the meantime why not make something cool to drink?

saw this post about tea in a jar over at amy karol's angry chicken blog the other day. i love real iced tea, unsweetened for me, and think this is a great idea. concentrated brewed tea that you can add to a glass with water and ice, stored in a small jar in the fridge. perfect! it would be great to have on hand when the urge to make tea-flavoured summer cocktails strikes too.


Milkybeer said...

I've been enjoying tea infused club soda lately. I imagine it's equally refreshing as this.

randi said...

made this yesterday - 500ml jar, 5 ginger peach green tea teabags, a spoonful of liquid of honey and a bunch of mint leaves. very good!!! it's probably a little weak (i could have left the bags in longer i guess) but really, really refreshing.


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