Monday, July 6, 2009

lovely mondays: a vintage night in

why not invite the gang in for an old-school games night? put on your exotica music collection and enjoy. clockwise, from top left:

gidget fortune teller board game from vintage funland. seriously - gidget!

mid-century cheese board and knife set from jess james jake. anything to facilitate the eating of cheese is fine by me!

and in case you didn't get an accurate reading from gidget, there's this awesome vintage numerology-themed martini shaker from collectique. i don't know anything about numerology, but if there's any kind of mumbo jumbo and drinks involved, it's bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

the poorly named and therefore hilarious vintage game of probe! who doesn't want to come over for a game of probe? billed as "the most provocative game of words since the invention of the modern alphabet". that's gotta be good. from jolly time one.


cabin + cub said...

mmm.. i love cheese too.. and that board is so cheesy! (sorry couldn't resist)

not so sure about Probe though, that might bring unexpected and unwanted guests who misinterpret... haha

jessjamesjake said...

I love your blog and shop!! How fantastic : )


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