Saturday, August 8, 2009

weekend project: upholstered toddler bed

gabrielle blair aka the rad design mom came up with this inexpensive (about $40), easy, functional and - perhaps even above all - adorable toddler bed design. complete step-by-step instructions over at design*sponge.

cole is fifteen months old now, and the other day some stranger mom at the park asked me if he still slept in a crib. i have the feeling that i looked at them blankly, blinking for a few moments while wondering if they were crazy. um, yeah - the bed with the bars that prevent him from a) escaping b) rolling out in the night c) escaping and d) escaping? yeah, he still sleeps in a crib. but in a year or so this will be awesome. ;-)


Milkybeer said...

lol...are you sure it was another mom? No mom would be so crazy as to let their 15 month old sleep in a real bed. I'm personally hoping Abner will stay in hers till she's 16 at least.

cheesefairy said...

That *is* very cute.

I"m not moving Fresco to a bed ever.

But Trombone, The Baby That Convinces You Babies Are All Right and You Should Have More SUCKER, he went into a big bed at 19 months. He didn't get out of it on his own until he was almost 2.


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