Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lovely mondays: a yellow nursery

my lovely mondays have fallen by the wayside lately. so much so that i've not gathered up a fresh bunch in ages, despite visiting etsy all the time. and it's tuesday already by the time i got this one together! (in my defense, yesterday was a canadian holiday...) ah summer, time for daydreaming and lollygagging - plus an extended heatwave and a baby who, at fifteen months, is not a sleeper.

couldn't resist these soft yellow finds for the nursery, built around that adorable knit lamb. too cute! clockwise, from top left:

the original bubbilicious mobile in yellow from mobilosity.

five little elephants print from amandakindregan.

yellow ashleaves print pillow from appetite home.

winnie, what a lovely little lamb from kellienoelle.

1 comment:

cabin + cub said...

that knit lamb is too cute! i want one!


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