Monday, September 14, 2009

lovely mondays: wooden toys

we've tried very hard to stick to wooden toys around here but more plastic sneaks in that i'd like to admit. i'm ok with duplo, but the rest of it can go. just leave us with our books, handmade stuffed animals, delightful wood toys and our art supplies and i'm happy. there are such fun, unique and handmade finds on etsy that it's easy to see the light!

and i must, must, must have that checker set. pirates vs ninjas? all kinds of awesome. all these delights, clockwise from top left:

pirates vs. ninja checker set from goose grease

vintage graphic choo-choo block puzzle from tiny giraffe

robot parade figure set from moo shoo pork

rainbow of mushrooms
collection from wee wood


Milkybeer said...

Must confess, I have recently bought several Fisher Price plastic toys for Abby...but they're from the mid 90s...doesn't that make them vintage and therefore somewhat more acceptable?

Richard said...

Wooden toys are more colorful and safe for little one!!


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