Friday, October 9, 2009

one of a kind - you must go!

just got back from a stroll through the delightful one of a kind vancouver show. it was my first year making the trip - in the past i've somehow missed it for one reason or another - and it was well worth a visit! it's on for the rest of the weekend - all day saturday (10-9) and sunday (10-5) at the vancouver convention centre (the original site, under the five sails). tickets are $10, or $8 if you buy online and there really is something for everyone.

there was everything from jewelery to fashion, foods and home decor, art and of course my favourite - paper goods and eccentric little creations.

i should have taken photos of all the amazing displays but i always feel kind of conspicuous! thankfully i worked up the nerve to ask permission to snag some photos of these favourites:

the fab hobsnobs booth featured the work of jeannette of the beautiful project, valerie of cabin & cub and sasha of track & field. i loved the way their pieces complimented each other and the simplicity of their display really let their work take centre stage, as it deserves. if you're looking for a beautiful gift, cheeky card or little treasure for yourself it's a one-stop shop right there! i especially love the holiday cards, the collage and woodburned wall panels, the laptop bags and the little bird pins.

i fell in absolute love with the dresses, hooded caps and capes for wee girls at the patouche booth. meticulously crafted and beautifully displayed, the clothes are a dream - definitely the kind that become heirloom pieces. i'm not in the mood for more babies, but the girl clothes would almost make it worthwhile! the small-batch clothes are getting a lot of press, and there's a great interview with creator kessa over at make something.

and i spotted (and sniffed) the most delicious-smelling premium natural skin care products from matter company. i really loved their mama & baby range - gorgeous products infused with essential oils and made with ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax.

just a few of the many other favourites that i didn't get photos for were the organic linen baby slings & nursing covers from toronto-based ollie go lightly, the whimsical creations from roxypop and little red caboose and amazing work from the emily carr university of art + design.

and if all that isn't enough - there's fudge! mmm... going to dig into mine now. maple! i'm hoping to go back tomorrow or sunday to pick up a few things i didn't get a chance to go back for today. once we ran out of crackers it was time to hit the dusty trails... good news though - your admission is good all weekend!

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Erin :) said...

Wooo thanks for posting this blog- so fun to vicariously have been to One of a Kind again through you! And thanks for the links to the fab shops!
How did I know that we of course would have chosen the same flavour fudge... ;)


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