Saturday, October 10, 2009

weekend project: bedtime story pajamas

i'm so excited to have finally made up a pair of real pajamas for cole using the fantastic bedtime story pajamas pattern from oliver + s, the best kids pattern line in forever.

every pattern is that perfect combination of modern and classic, and thankfully for me, not by nature a reader of instructions, they are foolproof. well designed, simple and illustrated, the step-by-step instructions are easy to walk through. this was a quick project - about 2 1/2 hours start to finish.

they're mainly constructed using a 1 metre piece of funky monkey flannel (similar options here) that i've had in my stash for a while. turns out though that i didn't have quite enough... so, rather than try to drum up more or shelve the project, i dug out enough of a different flannel to make contrasting sleeves and ties.

since they're called bedtime story pajamas, i thought it would be appropriate to get a photo of cole during his actual bedtime story... it started out well enough - he loves to read together, but it soon turned into an episode of mug and wrestle. good to see they don't impede his movements! ;-)


t said...

i love these! i am going to try my hand at it tonight, wish me luck! i am a mediocre sewer at best, so this should be interesting...

Milkybeer said...

Your fabric stash is so much better than mine - I could never just whip up such a fabulous item from the fabric I have on hand. Now, if I decided to apholster something on a whim - that's a different story.

cabin + cub said...

so cute!!

ps. thanks for stopping by the booth this weekend and posting some pics of our things! how sweet of you. we were all a bit in zombie mode at the fair... such long days! i will post a link to your posting tomorrow! ;)

Katie said...

These turned out so cute. I've admired O + S patterns online though I've never used one...great design. I really like the contrasting flannel, I think it adds a lot. What books is he reading? My husband and I are kind of children's book collectors. We'd love to write and illustrate one someday and are always looking out for new great finds. Those look pretty cute.


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