Saturday, December 26, 2009

good reasons to welcome 2010

truth be told, i myself am not in the running for the world's best schedule planner. no one has ever glowingly said of me "wow, is that woman ever punctual!" you would never mistake me for a watchmaker, someone who wears a watch or even someone paid to be on time! i often forget things, mistake dates and miss birthdays of folks i adore... this year i am hoping to change all that through the acquisition of an adorable calendar or two! i figure that at least if i'm still putzing around at this time next year, i'll have had 365 days in which to enjoy lovely treats like these:

topping my list has to be this sweet 2010 desk calendar from local cabin + cub. each calendar includes 12 cards featuring prints of valerie's whimsical mixed media collage images and it includes the mini wooden easel!

love this limited edition 2010 letterpressed calendar from ink + wit. the seven dreamy prints were inspired by travels in iceland, england, france and the us, it comes ready to hang or can be displayed framed as well.

if you can find an image you really really like, why not look at it all year? i love this letterpressed sweet mama mini calendar from yee haw. love the colour, the graphic and who can resist cotton candy?

what about something a little softer? there's this swell under the sea calendar in linen from linea carta! my mom always used to have a linen tea towel calendar hanging on the wall in our kitchen, and they can be kind of hard to find nowadays...

for a calendar that serves both it's intended purpose and manages to provide project ideas, you can't beat the calendar from purl soho. it includes photos and instructions for 12 knitting, sewing and patchwork projects from the shop's always inspiring blog, the purl bee.

and, because knowing the date is all well and good, but knowing important dates is even better, there's the fab dutch-themed birthday calendar from another local gem, the beautiful project. it's not year-specific, so you can use it for ages! the perfect place to jot down which person's birthday is on what date.


jessica said...

Great finds! I too could use a couple of calendars!

cabin + cub said...

wow! thanks for including my calendar!!! I will mention it in tomorrow's post. Hope you and your family had a great Christmas! I am still in post-holiday zombie mode. So hard to be productive knowing the next holiday is in a few days!!! :)


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