Tuesday, December 29, 2009

pattern chaos, resolved

i have a desk, which sits in between our living room and dining room (terms used lightly - it's one room) and in that desk there's a drawer filled with patterns. pattern pieces, patterns in packages, my own hand-drawn patterns and traced patterns and cut template pieces. anyone who has a small space knows how precious a drawer can be, and it's irked me that this chaos hogged a whole one. plus, it was none too easy to delve in and find all the parts for anything without sifting through the whole lot...

i had grandiose ideas of a slick box & folder storage system (which would so easily slide onto the empty shelves in my dream office) but really, i don't have anywhere to keep that either. so, while wandering at daiso yesterday i couldn't help raking over their selection of organizing supplies. this great item jumped out at me:

it's just a simple lightweight binderish book containing 40 transparent plastic sleeves, and it was only $2! i love it's cutesy bent polkadot weirdness and language mumbo jumbo.

i've tucked each pattern and related pieces into it's own individual sleeve and presto - organized! i can now tuck this into my craft books shelf (conveniently located near the front door, where it fits) and have a whole new empty drawer! now, if i can just figure out something for the other four drawers...

1 comment:

jessica said...

Awesome find for $2! I like the bent polkadots too.


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