Sunday, February 7, 2010

not that i need another project...

i have been coveting this oliver + s school days coat pattern for a few months now, and i can't decide if i should try it yet or wait until... until? well, until i have time to start something new, until i feel more confident about trying something that looks hella complicated, until fall when i can make it up as a wool coat instead of now as a rain coat. but one thing is for certain - i must try this one. anyone else try it yet?

i love their entire line of patterns for kids, and have tried a couple so far with great results. maybe i'll start by making cole some new bedtime story pajamas, since his old ones are rapidly becoming too small. and i have yet to finish the buttons on a sundress for my neice using the same pattern that this playsuit for cole came from (although i have a while, it's for 12month size and she should be born soon!) and i have a copy of the sandbox pants that i've not even touched yet, so i could go there after those... ok, probably best to wait for fall. is blogging about something you want to do supposed to convince you to wait?


Katie said...

Love the look of their patterns. I haven't ever tried one out but I've always been interested in this coat and their new dress pattern looks fantastic too. This in wool sounds wonderful so maybe waiting is the right move. :)

Milkybeer said...

I have a bunch of left over green melton wool if you'd like to raid my stash to make a fall coat.


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