Tuesday, April 13, 2010

smile factory

it's looking like an assembly-line of creatures in here: row upon row of organic flannel bunny faces with features painted freehand using non-toxic paint.

i've moved from using wool felt for my bunny faces to organic flannel. it's so much softer and cuddlier, and it makes sense because i make my tooth fairy pillows from the same fabric. i buy my flannel as leftover trimmings from a local organic mattress and bedding manufacturer. i love knowing that i'm using something that would otherwise be going to waste. the pieces i get are just the right size to cut a row of tooth pillows and a row of bunny faces, so what i'm throwing out at the end is basically just bitty little corners.

they're all eerily staring at me now from the table where they sit, drying, waiting to be sewn to bodies.


Katie said...

How can they be eery when they are so cute! :) Love the little faces, looking forward to see the finished batch. Happy bunny making! I hope the move and all the unpacking went/is going well.

miranda said...

thanks katie! the move went really well (all toddler-related things considered!) and we're all unpacked. thank goodness! moving takes such an effort - i'm finally feeling back to the place where i can create again!

cabin + cub said...

oh they are all so cute..and looking very eager to come to life when they get their bodies. can't wait to see them in person at Got Craft! ;)

ritasmeeta said...

I love it! They're adorable, and so eco-friendly! ;)


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