Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sneak swag peek

lately it's been work, work, work around here - building up my stock of tooth fairy pillows, gnomes, bunnies, pincushions and pins for a very good reason. i'll be at the upcoming got craft? spring show!

i'm so stoked to be a vendor at this event - it's vancouver's best indie craft market and it's my first time doing one of their big shows. one of the best things about this event is the swag bag - it's becoming a much sought-after score. the first 30 folks in get a bag containing goodies from each vendor.

i hemmed and hawed about what to put in. i have been meaning to try out an order of custom 1" buttons for an age, and finally this moved me to take a crack at it. i'd heard great things about a local shop, six cent press (they ship everywhere!). ordering was easy, they provide a template to help you set-up your files and the turnaround was amazing. i'm so, so happy about the results:

bunny faces! woodgrain! cuteness! love them. they turned out so perfectly and i keep looking at the little bags full of buttons and smiling. i'm pairing up one of each button on a little card, and i'll have a few extras for sale. check out some of the other recent designs on the six cent press blog.

photo: six cent press


bonnie said...

what a great idea miranda...they did make me smile@:)

Katie said...

So cute! Good luck with the craft show, how fun!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

So cute! I'm going to be there too! Hopefully we can chat!


Miranda said...

that would be awesome samantha - see you there!!

a Cagey Bee said...

So cute! I just picked up an order from Six Cent Press too. Still not sure what I'm going to donate to the swag bags, but I'll definitely have a bowl of buttons on my table at Got Craft.

See you there!
~ Kris

RitaSmeeta said...

Love them! :D
I'm so stoked about the fair... tired and exhausted and totally not ready, but stoked! haha ;) see you soon!


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