Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a cozy robe for a cold june

i am hoping that, as i type this, the universe will do me a solid just to prove me wrong. so far, spring has been rather dismal and rainy - at least lately, and that's all the weather one can report on with accuracy. i have a recollection of a few weeks of really nice weather, but it's kind of hazy. ok, now that i said it and made plans for tomorrow that account for the rain, please switch it up universe/mother nature/local meteorologist from channel x.

since we're rolling around inside while it rains outside, i made cole a new robe. flannel lined with flannel - doesn't get much warmer than that! it's from the serviceable book making children's clothes. the book is one i stumbled upon randomly, and while i recommend it, it's with the caveat that the styling is too cutesy for my taste and there are some improvements to be made overall in the assembly and instructions department. structurally, the clothes are great and sized well, but if you have any kind of sewing intuition, use it when you question the patterns on the first go-round.

cole loves his robe. i made it all, save the waist tie, at a crafternoon on the weekend, and when i came home i was excited to show him. he seriously dropped what he was doing and ran over to try it on. gotta love that. i did have to use a little bribery today to get him to pose straightforwardly in it, hence the chocolate mustache (made locally by the delightful samantha of sam made).


Kim C. said...

Looking good Magnum...I mean Cole! The robe turned out so well! If I made it, I'd have the cars running upside down or something stupid like that.

cabin + cub said...

Love the little robe and Cole's choco moustache is great! I wouldn't have the same will power, I would have eaten that thing to pieces before the camera came out! ;)

miranda said...

i know - a piece of candy doesn't last long in my hands.

i asked him to stand still for a second and told him to trust me and BAM - chocolate mustache. bribery - gets 'em every time. ;-)

Katie said...

Turned out so cute! Love the flannel. Little kids looks so cute in robes :).


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