Saturday, June 5, 2010

grand opening: spool of thread

had to swing past the fab new sewing lounge spool of thread today for their official grand opening.

i'm sure i wasn't alone in singing "hallelujah!" from the corner of fraser and 15th! there is much to sing about: a shop full of hand-picked fabrics and a space where you can drop in and sew by the hour - six machines, room to move, tools of the trade and a welcoming, bright, modern atmosphere. they offer classes too, from sewing 101 to a variety of project-specific workshops. and looking at the row of gleaming machines, i had such an urge to hold a crafternoon in the space!

of course, i had to leave with a little something... cream fabric with aqua dashes for the back of a quilt-in-the-making and some lovely hatched charcoal fabric - possibly, hopefully a skirt for yours truly. or many dresses for little girls. ;-) i suspect i will be going back for more very soon, and a class to boot.


bonnie said...

wow, sewing classes, new machines and fabulous fabric...a little bit of heaven!

Kim C. said...

Andrea and I missed you by just a wee bit. We saw your email on the sign up page. I walked away with 4 yards of Amy Butler in mustard to make a skirt for myself. That place is awesome!

miranda said...

ooh - i can't wait to see the skirt - ooh la la. ;-) barcelona? i must borrow that when you're done!

sorry i missed you!


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