Monday, June 14, 2010

twice as nice

two awesome kids turned two recently and i made each a copy of my favourite number shirt.  i've got to start screenprinting one of these days, but because my t-shirt projects tend to come up on me at the last minute, it's not the time to be fiddling about!  i use iron-on transfer paper and toddler shirts from american apparel.  the numbers get pleasantly derelicte in the wash over time.  the red one needed seeing-to - of course as i was about to wrap it i noticed a little edge hadn't stuck and had to redo it!  apparently you can take off an iron-on transfer, if you have enough time, patience and really good tweezers.  

i also made a skirt to go with the red tee from some delightful apple dot fabric that i love.  instead of doing a single wide piece of elastic for the waistband, i sewed three narrow 1cm channels and fed through three strands of 8mm japanese underpants elastic.  

it made a smock-like waistband that can comfortably fit a wide range of waist sizes and will probably last an age.  it was an easier bet when the child's waist wasn't nearby to measure!  

ok, back to the baby quilt.  top pieced together, sandwiching and quilting up next.


myredbike said...

What great gifts! Love the 2 font you've used. What patience to lift the image with tweezers and reset it!

That cute skirt reminds me that I need to find some of that apple print. I love it!

miranda said...

i am SO in love with the apple print - i've got to get my hands on more too! i got mine from in a recent bundle of goodies.

Anonymous said...

Love that skirt - and those t-shirts are just too cool :)


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