Monday, June 14, 2010

sneak peak: quilt for my first wee nephew

my brother and his beautiful wife welcomed a brand new little boy to their family almost a month ago.  they went the traditional route of not finding out the gender, which i give them props for.  it's got to be the world's best surprise, that anticipated announcement "it's a ---" in the delivery room, and i had always thought i could stand the suspense myself but i couldn't do it!

i had been waiting to find out who the little person was before starting on the arm's length list of homemade baby things i have in mind, not out of a blue=boy and pink=girl mandate, but to put a personal spin on things.  the moment i found out i ordered the fabrics and as they've come in i've been busy planning, cutting and getting ready.

first up, a simple crib-size quilt.  a lot of dots, some chevrons, japanese elephants and many lovely hard-to-find fabrics from heather ross' long out of print lightning bugs series.  here's a sneak peak at the colour scheme:


myredbike said...

Great fabric choices! What a lucky little nephew you have!

I found that it wasn't a problem waiting until Sophie was born to find out if she was a boy or a girl. I loved the anticipation!

Kim C. said...

Love it! Some great fabric choices in there...well, actually, they're all great choices.

Katie said...

Loving the colors. Soft, yet sophisticated. I'm sure this will be treasured for years! Beautiful, looking forward to see it come together.


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